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Bernie’s Café

Café Bernie outdoor waterfront dining area with ocean views.

The Joys of Waterfront Dining in Miami: Spotlight on Café Bernie

There’s nothing quite like the sensory experience of dining by the water, where the rhythmic water movements, the scent of the ocean breeze, and the panoramic views enhance every bite. Waterfront dining is an essential indulgence in Miami, a city celebrated for its beaches, vibrant neighborhoods, and diverse culinary scene.

Best Time of the Year

While Miami’s subtropical climate makes it a year-round paradise, the prime season for waterfront dining stretches from December to May. These cooler months provide perfect temperatures for outdoor seating, with gentle sea breezes and vivid sunsets framing unforgettable evenings. During this period, diners can savor their meals without the sweltering summer heat or humidity, making it the ideal season to explore the city’s waterfront gems.

Miami’s Neighborhoods

Miami is a mosaic of neighborhoods, each offering its unique charm. From the vibrant culture of Little Havana to the artistic flair of Wynwood and the luxury of Coral Gables, every area tells its own story. However, Miami Beach truly encapsulates the magic of waterfront dining. Famous for its picturesque beaches and glamorous lifestyle, this neighborhood hosts some of the city’s most iconic waterfront eateries, including Café Bernie.

Culinary Diversity by the Water

When it comes to cuisine, Miami is a melting pot. Every culture is represented on the city’s dining tables, from Cuban to Peruvian, Japanese to Mediterranean. By the water, seafood naturally plays a starring role, with freshly caught fish, lobster, and shrimp often stealing the show. However, the inventive chefs of Miami are known for their creativity, offering fusion dishes and global flavors that elevate traditional coastal fare.

Café Bernie: The Jewel of Millionaire’s Row

Nestled in an iconic building on Miami Beach’s Millionaire’s Row, Café Bernie stands out as a pinnacle of waterfront dining. Founded by the accomplished Chef Bernie Matz and his wife, Miami Beach Commissioner Kristen Rosen Gonzalez, this culinary gem at 5600 Collins Ave. offers unparalleled views and a menu that exemplifies South Florida Bistro Cuisine. Chef Bernie Matz, a celebrated name in South Florida’s food scene, draws inspiration from the region’s diverse cultural influences and bountiful local ingredients.

At Café Bernie, each dish is meticulously crafted with fresh, seasonal produce, creating a menu that evolves with the seasons. The flavors are bold yet balanced, a testament to Chef Bernie’s culinary expertise. The offerings range from refreshing ceviche to hearty burgers and signature seafood plates, satisfying various palates.

Accompanying the exquisite cuisine is a full bar with an array of craft cocktails. Sip on a tropical concoction while basking in the sun’s warm glow, or unwind with a glass of wine as the moonlight reflects off the water. The unparalleled ambiance and thoughtful culinary creations make Café Bernie a must-visit destination.


Waterfront dining in Miami is a sublime experience, where the city’s distinctive neighborhoods, diverse cuisines, and idyllic climate converge. Café Bernie exemplifies this magic, offering an unparalleled blend of atmosphere and flavor, whether you are a local or a visitor. Dining at this Millionaire’s Row gem invites you to taste Miami at its finest.

Be sure to check the hours of operation.

Located in: 5600 Condominium

Address: 5600 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140
Waterfront dining at Café Bernie on Millionaire’s Row.

Phone: (305) 614-9026


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