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Tiki bars on the beach or in or near hotels or pool areas in Miami Beaches:

Pascal, the manager of Castle Beach Club Tiki Bar in Miami Beach, confidently overseeing the bar operations.
Pascal, the manager of Castle Beach Club Tiki Bar in Miami Beach, confidently overseeing the bar operations.

Tiki Bars on Miami Beach: A Haven for Tiki Bar Enthusiasts

A Tropical Odyssey Miami Beach, a sun-drenched paradise, is more than just blue water and sandy beaches; It’s also home to an eclectic collection of tiki bars, each offering a unique escape to Polynesian-inspired wonder.

The Historical Roots and Cultural Tapestry of Tiki Bars

The origins of tiki bars began in the 1930s when Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gant, aka Don the Beachcomber, opened a Polynesian-themed bar in Hollywood. This created a trend symbolizing escape and vacation throughout the United States, while Miami Beach became a hot spot for these incredible retreats. Tiki bars in Miami Beach aren’t just places to drink; They are a cultural experience. These places transport guests from the hustle and bustle of city life to a tropical island picture. Decorated with bamboo huts, tiki candles, and Polynesian accessories, this bar offers a unique blend of kitsch and whimsy. The drinks served at Miami Beach’s tiki bars are a nod to original concepts from the 30s and 40s. Classics such as Mai Tai, Zombie, and Scorpion are copied with new props and new twists, distinctive tiki bowls, often hand-infused. Those chemicals combine with the ambient sounds of fascinating music and the soft rustling of palm leaves to create an immersive experience. Among the must-visit tiki bars in Miami Beach, The Mai Kai is a legendary establishment serving patrons since 1956. It offers tropical and sunny locations and has a Polynesian show, with traditional dancing and music complete. This place is no mere pub; It’s a time capsule that captures the essence of the mid-century tiki craze.

Iconic Tiki Bars in Miami Beach: Tradition Meets Modernity

Another notable spot is the Broken Shaker in Freehand Miami. This James Beard Award-nominated bar offers a modern take on tiki, combining classic ingredients with contemporary mixology. Its lakeside and tranquil setting make it the perfect place for locals and tourists to relax. Tiki bars in Miami Beach offer a delightful escape into a world of fantasy and nostalgia. They are a testament to the city’s ability to blend history and innovation, creating timeless and contemporary spaces. These tiki bars are a must for anyone looking to experience the quirky side of Miami nightlife. Here, in the twinkling lights of tiki, the “aloha” spirit is more than just a greeting; it’s an experience.

Tiki bars on the beach or in or near hotels or pool areas in Miami Beaches:

As usual, be sure to check availability and hours of operation.

  • Aquatica Pool & Beach Bar at the Eden Roc Miami Beach Resort & Spa: This bar is located right on the beach and has stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. They offer a variety of tiki cocktails and other tropical drinks and beers.

  • Delirio Tiki Bar by Swizzle is located in The James Royal Palm, a historic Art Deco hotel in South Beach. This intimate bar has a fun and playful atmosphere, and its tiki cocktails are some of the best in Miami.

  • Tiki Beach Bar is located in Haulover Beach Park. This open-air bar has a relaxed vibe and is perfect for enjoying a casual day at the beach. They offer a variety of tiki cocktails, as well as other beachy drinks and snacks.

  • The Wharf Miami is located on the Miami River but still has a beachy feel. This large outdoor bar has a variety of seating options, including cabanas and hammocks. They offer a wide selection of tiki cocktails, other tropical drinks, and food.

  • Broken Shaker is located at the Freehand Miami hostel and hotel in Mid Beach. This award-winning bar is known for its innovative cocktails, and its tiki menu is no exception. They offer a variety of creative and delicious tiki drinks.
  • Monty’s Raw Bar: This iconic spot in Coconut Grove, established in 1969, boasts a classic outdoor tiki atmosphere with waterfront seating and an extensive menu of tiki cocktails and seafood dishes.
  • The Anderson: Tucked away in the Design District, this upscale establishment offers a sophisticated take on tiki culture with handcrafted cocktails and Polynesian-inspired bites.
  • Kaona, the Esotico Miami Secret Room: Located within the Esotico Miami restaurant, this hidden gem features a Polynesian-themed speakeasy ambiance with creative tiki drinks and live music on weekends.
  • Miami Mojito Company: While not exclusively a tiki bar, this lively spot in South Beach offers a dedicated “Tiki Time” menu with classic and modern tiki cocktails alongside vibrant Latin vibes.
  • Riki Tiki Bar and Grill: Located in North Miami Beach, this family-friendly establishment features a festive tiki atmosphere with colorful décor, a diverse menu, and outdoor seating. 
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